December 21, 2021

Site migration

Hello! Previously, I had created a website some time ago and the site went live and I published it, but I didn't advertise that I had a live blog. I'm fairly private so blogging is not really my...


October 29, 2021

Hack The Box - Jerry Writeup

Machine: Jerry Summary This write-up has been updated on February 17, 2022. Achievement: October 17, 2021 Jerry is a Windows machine with an Apache Tomcat server setup. As I go through the steps,...


October 3, 2021

Hack The Box - Sink Writeup

Machine: Sink This write-up was last updated December 22, 2021 Completed on October 02, 2021 Scan the machine Check the services I checked the nmap results and I saw...


September 1, 2021

Hack The Box - Writer Writeup

Machine: Writer This write-up was last updated January 26, 2022 Completed on September 30, 2021 I added writer.htb to /etc/hosts since there is...