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Antonette Caldwell • December 21, 2021


Previously, I had created a website some time ago and the site went live and I published it, but I didn't advertise that I had a live blog. I'm fairly private so blogging is not really my thing. So this is a way for me to get my content out there.

I have a fair amount of knowledge that I learned over the years that I want to put in together as form of a tutorial and writeups. So in short, this is just a record of what I did in the past and what I'm currently doing at this time.

In the meantime, you can check out my writeups I have done for HackTheBox.

Key things to look out for, I will be posting several different versions from when I first started hacking the machines on HackTheBox and when I later went back to analyze how the attack was implemented and provide best suggestions to remediate or mitigate this type of attack from happening.